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Terms & Conditions is an internet website, a virtual shop for purchasing swimwear and beach accessories by the brand La-RINADA

  • Every user of the site is required to read these terms carefully. The start of use of the site indicates the user’s consent and approval to these terms & conditions. If  the user does not agree with these terms & conditions, she must leave the site immediately and not use it in any matter. Any use of the site and the contents displayed on it, including browsing it, as well as any action on it, including purchasing through it, are subject to the terms & conditions described below
  • Any person purchasing through the site hereby declares that upon making the transaction she has read the terms & conditions, read the exchange and return service and agrees to all the provisions and terms of this site and that she or anyone on her behalf will have no claim against the site and/or the company and/or any of its managers and/or employees, in all matters relating to the provisions and conditions of this site.
  • The operator of the website reserves the right to prevent access to the site and/or to make purchases on the site and/or to cancel the participation of a user whose behavior is inappropriate or violates these terms & conditions, or who attempts to damage the proper management of the site.
  • The website operator may update the item page from time to time, add or remove details, remove out of stock products, add colors and/or sizes and change the prices of products.
  • The operator of this site may at her discretion, terminate the activity of the site at any time and without prior notice.
  • The operator of this site does not undertake to keep stock of all the models and / or clothes whose photos appear on this site
  • The website operator may hold promotions on the site and/or offer discounts and any other offer under the conditions determined by her and at her sole discretion. The website operator may stop any discount, offer, or promotion at any time immediately and without prior notice.
  • The services of the website must be used for legal purposes only.
  • Privacy & Security

    • Payment on the website is secured through SSL (Secure Layer Security) in the most secure and safest way.
    • The site’s operator and/or his/her representative take the customary safety measures to protect, as much as possible, the confidentiality of information.
    • Personal details of the user- email address and/or phone number will be kept by request of the user for direct emailing, updates, promotions, and the like.
    • To remove yourself from the mailing list, contact customer service in writing to the following email Removal will be done within 14 business days; Starting from the day the request was received.

Intellectual Property

  • All material, wording, pictures, videos, designs, methods and trade secrets, opinions, and trademarks featured in the site are the intellectual property of La-Rinada These rights apply, among others, to the data on the site, including the list of products, the description, and design of clothes and all other detail related to its activity.
  • Every user of the site pledges not to copy, supplicate, distribute, sell, promote, and translate any information from the site, graphics, the design of the site, design of clothes, pictures of clothes, logo symbols, pictures, and texts, etc., and no commercial or private use is allowed without receiving written permission from the owner of the site beforehand.
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